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The client access portal is provided by Struc Rite Design, Inc. to give its client easy access to the most up to date drawings available for the job.  In order to enter the client access portal you need to be provided a user name and password from Struc Rite Design, Inc.  Please keep in mind that projects may continually change and that you should as the person in charge of the project at Struc Rite Design, Inc. if the current drawings posted here are the most up to date or if there are changes being made to the drawings.  By entering the client access portal you agree to the terms of the CAD file liability waiver on the right:


To enter into our FTP site you must first have received a username and password from some one at SRD to gain access to your project folder.  If your project has not been set up for FTP access yet and you would like access please contact us right away and we will make files available.





These computer generated drawings were created by Struc Rite Design, Inc. as Part of the Design for this project.  As a condition of release of CAD files, you, the recipient, hereby agree to the following conditions:

1. Struc Rite Design, Inc. does not warrantee the accuracy or completeness

     of any information contained on in this file. It is the sole responsibility of

     your company to verify the information.

2. The drawing contained in this file is reproduced for the use of the recipient

    only. The drawing is considered proprietary information, owned by Struc

    Rite Design, Inc., and may only be used within your company.

3. Any use of the files will be at your sole risk and without liability or legal

    exposure to Struc Rite Design, Inc.. You therefore agree to indemnify and

    hold harmless Struc Rite Design, Inc. from all claims, damages, losses

    and expenses, including attorneys’ fees arising out of your use of our files.

4. The information set forth in the files may not be used on other projects or

     for additions to this project without our written permission. These files may

     not be transmitted to any other party without written permission.

5. If you do not agree to these conditions, please return the computer

     generated drawings to Struc Rite Design, Inc.

If you have any questions or problems after receiving these drawings, please call Struc Rite Design, Inc..

Thank you.
Boyd E. Coleman III; PE



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